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The 5 key Story Components Needed to Connect to Your Ideal Clients!

Written by Susan Binnie

Susan is a powerful story teller who enjoys the simple things in live. The legacy she leaves behind is for the next generation to know they can do or be anything they want.

Growing up I felt lost and alone. I did not feel I had friends, I did not feel I had courage, strength, or confidence. The story I told myself was that I was the only one that felt this way. Will I ever feel worthy, will I ever feel good enough, and will anyone really want to hear what I have to say. Will my opinion matter? Perhaps one day I will grow up and these feelings will go away, perhaps one day I will not feel this way, perhaps one day… The story of not being good enough, not being worthy and not having a story to tell is something many entrepreneurs tell themselves. Where to start, why tell the story and how to tell it? It would be easier if someone else told the story!

Why is it important to tell your story?

It is important to share as it aligns you to the work you do. How you came to where you are and how you can make a difference in someone else’s life! When you go through a turning point that shaped who you are and why you do what you do, you need to tell that story. There are others out there who have gone through something like what you have been through. I believe if you are meant to help them, they will find you. If you do not tell your story they may never know that you were meant to help them with your product and/or service! I am here to tell you that we all have a story. We need to feel Courageous, Strong, and Confident that we have a story worth telling. The story that needs to be shared is not necessarily the story we tell ourselves, but the story we tell others about how we have overcome what they have gone through, or are going through and we have a product or service that can help them. Our mess is our message, and how we tell it becomes a message for others to live by! There are five key story components needed to connect to your ideal clients. 1. Who are you! Not just your name, but who you really are in the core of your very soul. Be honest with your feelings and share your personality. People buy from people first. What sets you apart, what makes you unique, what makes you the expert? Be relatable to your audience. Make them what to know more. This is a wonderful way to continue the conversation after you have told your story. 2. Who hires you? Knowing who you can help (your niche market) is important in sharing your message. Speaking in the language of your ideal client will help you relate to them better. When they know who you help, who hires you, they know right away whether you can help them! 3. What you do? How you help others… Do you have a system or process? How does that work and more importantly why does it work! How does your product or service help them, what is the outcome? 4. Why do you do what you do? You have overcome many obstacles, you have helped yourself, or you have helped others. You are good at it and it gives you a sense of fulfilment. Others that you have helped have gone on to help others, changing the world for the better. Usually there is a major turning point in your live that you share. 5. How people can contact you? Any time you are sharing a story with others, make sure they have a straightforward way of contacting you! If you have an opportunity to speak to them directly, do so, and always set a time to follow up. Connecting to your ideal client by sharing your story message is one of the fastest ways to create the know-love-trust factor and become an asset in their lives and businesses. Your story is a part of your journey, enjoy your journey!

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