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Stand in the Power of Your Truth

Create the Story you want to be Experienced!



The Vision of your Future and how you see it is an important part of your journey. Create the vision of the life you want in your daily behaviors for you and those in your life…


The Story you tell yourself on a daily basis can keep you blocked if you are not telling a positive story!
Learn how to change your self talk to improve the story…


When you define Success for you, then you get to achieve it in your own terms. 

Achieving success defined by someone else is not achievable…

About Susan

Susan Binnie is the founder of Powerful Women Unite. She is an international #1 bestselling author, Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach.  Against all odds, she started her business in the end of 2016 and today speaks on several stages every month.

She helps women uncover their purpose and align it to what they do through the power of story. She also empowers women to take the word can’t out of the story they tell themselves keeping them stuck.

After helping one of Canada’s largest charities raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, Susan found her passion for storytelling and started her journey of changing the world one story at a time. Susan has empowered 1000’s of women to realize their vision and stand confidently in their spotlight. Women learn to stand in their power to identify what they want and empower themselves to live to their highest potential. 

Susan is a guiding light and has a unique ability to hold space for others allowing their stories to flow through her to gain momentum and reflect back upon them, in what can only be described as a magical conduit.  

Susan is married and has 4 children. She is also the proud grandmother to her 4 grandsons. The legacy she gets to leave behind is for the next generation to know that they CAN do anything they put their mind to!


What Clients are saying

The Women that I get to work with are so warm and caring

Coaching with Susan has been really incredible. I’ve never met anybody who has been able to make me feel good, and teach me, and let me learn and practice without making it seem like criticism. Susan is so gifted this way. I’m so impressed. She could look at everything that I was doing, and tell me exactly where I can improve…

…the confidence that I feel inside me now is exponential to what I started with. There’s just no comparison to where I am now to where I was. I’m an entirely different person. I don’t know how she does it, but she did it, and I am so very, very grateful.

RoseAnne Janzen

Business Psychic , Reveal Your Life

Firstly, Susan held space for me and the gift of presence is a big one.

Second, she helped me to uncover the story of who I am to which shifted my mindset powerfully and let my business soar.

She has the uncanny ability to allow herself to be the right conduit to align your thoughts and feelings, to find the clarity needed to write, to create, to change. That space?

Takes you from where you are to where you want to be.
Seriously. Book a session. 

Candice Smiley

Create the Ripple Consulting Inc.

Working with Susan was exactly what I’d expected – supportive, co-creative and enjoyable. Her knowledge, commitment and presence were so helpful as I found my voice. And it was unexpected too – in many good ways. I was aware of fun, trust, safety and expansive growth.

This talented woman knew how to hold space while I discovered for myself what I needed for the next step in my journey.

She was alongside me as I learned about telling my story – to myself and to the world

Heather Scott

Green Orchid 8 - Coach , Kids 4 Cameras, Board Member

 Winning Formula

What do you want in your life, do you know.  When you uncover what a perfect day in your life looks like, you can begin to make it happen.  Reverse engineering a mathematical equation is very simple.   When it comes to accomplishing your dream vision, it is not as easy, but is totally achievable  

The story you tell yourself and the limited beliefs that you have from childhood, could be causing you to stay stuck in a negative story that you can not move out of.  When this happens you bury the past and are not able to change your beliefs to positive healthy habits.  Re writing the story and moving forward positively as it evolves is an important part of moving into your success.

Spreading your message of Who you are, What you do and How the work you do can help others is the first step of achieving the success that you define for yourself.  Keeping yourself the best kept secret will not help you move forward.  It will keep you lost and alone.  Moving out of this mindset will help you achieve the success you deserve!

Let's Work Together!

Having an idea of the stories keeping you from moving forward is so very powerful.  Contact Susan to find out how you can move forward. 

A complimentary call is an important starting step to uncover where you are at!

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